A Better Kitchen at a Better Price!

Old City Kitchens is Knoxville’s premiere kitchen showroom located at 218 Depot Avenue in the Old City in downtown Knoxville. Our showroom features 12 completed kitchens where customers can see firsthand the craftsmanship and value of our cabinet options. All our kitchen cabinets feature plywood construction, not particle board or furniture board. We are confident and most contractors and homeowners agree that plywood construction delivers a better cabinet resulting in a better value for our customers. In addition, all of our kitchens cabinets now feature soft close doors and drawers so say no to costly upgrades.

Take Your Cabinets Home Today

Don’t pay more than you should or wait longer than you have to on your new kitchen cabinets. Another added value to doing business with Old City Kitchens is that our best selling cabinets are in-stock and ready to take home today. Save money on your new kitchen and take a special trip with the savings at the conclusion of the project. As we always say, hang a special memory on the wall not overpriced cabinets.

Why Plywood, not Particle Board?

While many of the high end cabinet showrooms and big box stores sell particle board constructed cabinets, our cabinets feature plywood construction. With a plywood constructed cabinet your cabinets are much more likely to survive a hidden water leak from a ice maker or dishwasher. So this begs the question.  Why pay twice as much for particle board cabinets that are 1/2 as good?   Economically and technically speaking, It simply doesn't make sense.  That is where we come in!  We can offer you the high-end, custom look in a plywood constructed cabinet without the high price.

Digital 3D Kitchen Design for Free

We offer 3D kitchen design consultation for free! Our designers utilize state of the art, industry leading Pro Kitchen software to provide a 3D rendering of our cabinets in your kitchen. This software is a powerful tool and helps our customers feel confident throughout the process. We are able to show customers their finished kitchen with a 3D rendering on large flat screen TVs before they purchase their cabinets to ensure our customers total satisfaction with the finished product. Come see us today or schedule a kitchen design appointment and let us help you make your dream kitchen a reality!

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